Latest version of Digital Tasbih Counter app


The latest version of Digital Tasbih Counter app is now available on Google Play.

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Latest Version: 2021.2.18

What's New:

⭐ New app icon.
⭐ Improvements were made.


💡 Large touch area - Large touch area to count easily & comfortably without error.
💡 Set target - set target number and get alerted with vibration when the target is reached.
💡 Edit counter - edit counter value by entering any positive number ranging from 0 to 9,999,9999.
💡 Count up or down - switch between decreasing and increasing counting mode easily.
💡 Light & dark theme - switch between light and dark mode instantly.
💡 Autosave - counting progress and app settings will be saved after exiting the app.
💡 Offline - this app can be used without internet connection.


This app can be used as a digital tasbih to count zikir & prayers or can be used as a digital hand tally counter to count anything. Designed & developed with ❤️ by Aijad.

Get the app here: